How is Tucker Carlson still alive?

I for one am shocked that Tucker Carlson is still alive. I cannot believe that Tucker Carlson has not “committed suicide” with three bullets to the back of the head.  I’m stunned that a drunk hit-and-run driver (who was never found) did not kill Tucker Carlson in a car crash near Carlson’s home.  And I’m a little startled that child porn wasn’t “just found” on Carlson’s laptop.

In other words, I am very, very surprised that the Deep State has not taken Tucker Carlson out.  Maybe the angels are busy protecting him.  Maybe it’s through God’s grace because Tucker is taking on the Deep State in a big and ferocious way.

Let’s look at some very recent history.  How about Seth Rich, Vince Foster, and Jeffrey Epstein?  How about the five-year coup against President Trump, from his candidacy through his last days in office?  How about treasonous General Milley telling China he would give them a heads-up if an attack were coming?  How about the bugging and wire-tapping of Trump Tower when Trump was president-elect?  How about the Supreme Court’s refusal to hear any 2020 election cases — just plain refused to hear anything?  How about the J-6 MAGA protesters still in jail, in solitary confinement, for trespassing?  What of a China COVID virus that Washington, D.C. unexplainably refuses to say came from China?  What of a vaccine, which really isn’t a vaccine, but more of a therapeutic?  How about vaccine mandates that are clearly unconstitutional?  What about the Biden cabal completely leaving open our borders, which violates the U.S. Constitution?  What of patriots (conservatives/Christians/constitutionalists) being removed from the military?  What of the Russia Collusion lie?  And more and more and more.  So a discussion of Tucker Carlson having an early demise seems appropriate and reasonable.

It appears that there really are very few individuals who have the internal strength to lead the patriots with their opposition to Biden and the Deep State cabal.  Obviously, President Trump and Governor DeSantis of Florida are fighting the good fight and running the good race.  President Trump and Governor DeSantis are the people with whom patriots want to share a foxhole while we are at war.  But Tucker Carlson is for sure in the same league in fighting the opposition.  We must put Carlson along with President Trump and Governor DeSantis in fighting for America and Americans and putting America first.  Trump, DeSantis, and Carlson are the troika of leadership in the opposition to the Biden Deep State cabal.

Patriots remember how Fox treated President Trump on Election Night and then the next day.  Patriots still do not trust Fox and thus have not returned to Fox.  But the exception on Fox is Tucker.  Without Tucker Carlson, Fox would look a lot like CNN lite.  But Carlson gives the network “street cred” with the patriots who want to hear the unvarnished truth.  More than any other, Tucker Carlson speaks truth to power.  And that is a very dangerous position to be in today.

Tucker Carlson is bold, aggressive, and smart.  His 20-minute monologues are as if he reads our minds and understands our fears on a nightly basis.  Carlson appears not to care about the physical dangers and threats to life that are almost assuredly happening.  One must wonder if Carlson has his own bodyguards and also if his family does.  One must also wonder if he has to pay for his own security detail or if Fox pays for it.  With what Biden, the Deep State, leaders of the military, and leaders of the FBI, CIA, and NSA did to President Trump, Trump’s family, General Flynn, Roger Stone, and Rudy Giuliani, you would think Tucker Carlson is indeed in huge danger.  Carlson calls out all of these rogues, criminals, and traitors as if they were in fact rogues, criminals, and traitors.  And he does it with brilliance, passion, and wit.  He is unashamed and unwavering.  He’s a warrior.

In other countries, at other times, Tucker Carlson would have been poisoned, duped with prostitutes, canceled, blackmailed, physically threatened, or cowed.  Oh, wait a minute — that does appear to be what our present political leadership is doing today to the opposition in America.  You really cannot make up just how far America has fallen since the 2020 election, the placement of Biden, and up to today.  We look more like China, Venezuela, and Russia than the America of just a few years ago.

Tucker Carlson is fighting the good fight against the political leadership of America, which looks an awful lot like 1984 or Animal Farm rather than Mr. Smith Goes to Washington.  He is taking on the most powerful, unethical, and brutal, the least religious, the most secular Washingtonians who have ever existed in our countries history.  Ever.  Yet Carlson still breathes today.  Somehow.

Not sure what life and the future hold for Tucker Carlson.  Again, one only needs to look at Epstein, Rich, Trump, and the others to realize that it is a scary and dangerous position to be in.  Being the unofficial spokesperson for the opposition is indeed perilous.  It is an awesome responsibility when you are leading the opposition against one of the most evil administrations in American history.  Yet Carlson still lives.  Here’s to praying that the angels abound around Tucker and his family.

Source: American Thinker

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