Holy Crap – Two woman throw their own poop at each other on a public street in Stockholm

A video showing two Roma women throwing feces at each other – in broad daylight in Stockholm, in front of shocked spectators – is widely circulated on social media.

The clip, which was uploaded on Tiktok on Monday night, is filmed in the exclusive Hammarby sjöstad in Stockholm.

In front of a group of travellers at a cross-railway stop on Hammarby Allé, a Roma woman with a huckle suddenly appears.

She digs out a hefty charge from under her skirt with her right hand. Then she takes the kit and throws the feces at her rival – another woman dressed in a similar fashion.

This other woman reacts by following the attacker while she herself brings her hand under her skirt to prepare a counterattack.

In the video, you see two adult beggars getting into a fight. They decide to poop in their hands and then throw at each other.

What the hell are they up to? Don’t they see that the environment becomes sickly uncomfortable?

They do not learn Swedish, do not work and demand money from us. Out!

Translated from LINK
[link to www.friatider.se (secure)]

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