Funeral Director Says COVID-19 Jabs KILLING Everyone; Destroying Immune Systems

A funeral Director named John from the Milton Keynes Funeral Home in the UK has taken to video to warn the world that the COVID-19 “Jabs” are wrecking immune systems, causing people to die from the Common Cold, Flu, Blood Clots, Heart Attacks, and Strokes.

He says he’s seen more dead bodies where the cause of death was heart attacks, than he’s ever seen before in his 14 years as a Funeral Home provider.

Worst of all, he says that people REFUSE to acknowledge that it was the COVID jab that did this to them; they think they’re sick from COVID, and they actually want ANOTHER jab. 

He asks rhetorically “What do you say to these people?”

The answer seems to be “Good Bye.”

Here’s the brief video:


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4 Comments on “Funeral Director Says COVID-19 Jabs KILLING Everyone; Destroying Immune Systems

  1. Hey John greetings from the states! Thank you for being honest about your experiences as a funeral dir. & TRYING TO WARN THE POPULATION!!!! The news we are getting from nearly all media outlets is,imo,dangerous & sometimes deadly. I believe anyone who has pressured another person to get these experimental jabs should be held liable for any adverse health problems they experience from getting injected with this OBVIOUSLY dangerous cocktail of drugs & or poison!!!! Thank you again John & GOD BLESS YOU

  2. Criminal WORLD LEADERS are culling the masses.Wake up people.Dont get the jab.Too late feel sorry for all of you who got sucked in to the poison.God Bless

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