Full Scale DUPLICATE WHITE HOUSE Built on U.S. Military Base – Fake White House for a Fake President

A full scale REPLICA of the White House has been constructed on a U.S. Military Base in Georgia. A fake White House for a fake President, and the US Military is “All-in on it” to deceive the American people!

After the brazen election fraud that took place in the November, 2020, US Presidential Election, weird imagery started becoming public whenever the illegitimate President, Joe Biden, went on TV or held press conferences.

Many people picked-up on the fraud by noting Hollywood movie-studio-type mistakes were clearly evident in some of the imagery; like walls that came apart, or a parking lot with a truck in it, outside the windows of the Oval Office.

Here, look: 

Here’s another photo from a different day:

Here, we see side-by-side images of both Trump and Biden in the Oval Office, but look, the wallpaper is different for Biden, there’s a WINDOW in Biden’s picture that doesn’t exist in Trump’s, and the height of the woodwork on the wall is different for Biden versus Trump!

Then too, the corner of two Oval Office Walls is seen in this photo COMING APART over Joe Biden’s shoulder.   Perhaps the stage hands didn’t do a good job wheeling the set together?

Naturally, the mass-media never uttered a word about any of it. After all, they took part in the gigantic fraud being perpetrated on the American people, so they had no desire for their role in the fraud to be exposed.

Today, August 1, 2021, the Hal Turner Radio Show can reveal that a replica White House has been constructed on Fort McPherson, outside of Atlanta, Georgia. 

First, a map with the location of Fort McPherson:

Now, a closer look:

Now a very close look from the top:

Now, using the Google 3-D feature on its maps, we see the sides of the structure:

And here:

A FAKE White House for a FAKE President.

Now, in order to pull this off, the conspirators who are perpetrating the lie of a Joe Biden Presidency, must necessarily have the full cooperation of the highest levels inside the US Military.   There is no possible way a fake White House could be built on a US military base without the cooperation of conspirators inside the military.

So all the folks who’ve been hoping the military would come to the rescue of our nation and put a halt to the fraudulent Presidency, should realize right now that the US military is “in on it” and are actively working to pull the wool over the eyes of every single American, and the entire world.

Folks, the entire election was brazen theft, the perpetrators were not only in the Democrat National Party but in our federal and several state governments as well.

We have been deceived and betrayed on a level that is so enormous, so brazen, no rational person would have ever thought it possible.  Yet, here it is.

It’s even visible using Google Maps HERE

This begs the question: Who is running the federal corporation calling itself UNITED STATES?   More importantly, WHO is in control of the armed forces and who is in control of America’s nuclear arsenal.

Unless these questions are answered, no one is safe, anywhere.

Countries around the world, seeing this story, will now understand that the United States Armed Forces do not appear to be under the control of any civilian constituted authority.   Those countries will now have to wonder if the protection they all enjoyed by having a SINGLE elected President as the sole controller of the enormous US nuclear weapons stockpile, is under the command of some unknown person or persons.

No one, anywhere, is safe.

This fraud must be brought to a full stop by whatever means are necessary, right now.

It is worth noting that Fort McPherson is now closed, and Fort Gillem has been reduced to the Gillem Enclave partnership with Fort Gordon, both due to the 2005 BRAC commission. … On June 26, 2015, Fort Mac LRA became the owner of 145 acres of property on the former Fort McPherson in Southwest Atlanta, Georgia.  The property now houses the Tyler Perry Studios, owned by African American Tyler Perry; who might, some say, be more than willing to aid his phony President.

Perry called for a “Biden Landslide” prior to the November election and was adamant on doing whatever it took to get President Trump out (Story Here)

Source: halturnerradioshow.com

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9 Comments on “Full Scale DUPLICATE WHITE HOUSE Built on U.S. Military Base – Fake White House for a Fake President

  1. This reminds me of the trip to the moon – staged but there were some clues that indeed, it was a set.

  2. Take this propaganda down immediately. McPherson was sold and Tyler Perry bout 3/4 of it, turning it into his movie production facility. Total bullshit article.

    1. Right the are are two replica White Houses, Tyler Perry’s in Atlanta and another one in Culver city California. We’ve know about this for 5 months, at least. Part of the movie to awaken the sleepyheads to the puppet presidency (residency) of Joe as CEO of the now defunct US INC.
      After examining the fraud of the 2020 election, as per instructions of the Executive Order of 9/12/2018, the Military recognized Donald J Trump as the Commander-in-Chief o March 11, 2021. This is part of the Awakening in order to s]circumvent a Civil War, which is what the Cabal wants.

      1. There’s two in Georgia. The one you are referencing is on Briarcliff and is no way the same as the one in the picture.

    2. Are you afraid of truth.we all know dam well that President Trump won on nov 3 2020.that biden and his corrupt party along with lowlife thieves stole the election of president from trump.proof is slowly coming in through forensic audits.

  3. Replica White Houses, to train on, in case military troops have to storm the real White House to rescue the POTUS or evict insurgents?

  4. This is absolutely true. The White House in DC has been empty since 1/20/21. Live Cameras prove it, or look up Nancy Drew on Telegram.

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