The government of Poland says it expects to suffer an armed assault tonight as migrants, stuck in Belarus, are being ARMED and EQUIPPED by the Belarus military, to force through the Poland Border and into the country.

The Polish Border Force guards claim their Belarusian counterparts are issuing the thousands of stranded migrants instructions, equipment, and weapons to force their way into the EU.

Belarusian authorities estimate that the number of migrant arrivals to the border could swell to 10,000 in the upcoming weeks if the situation isn’t resolved.

Poland does not want these Middle Eastern migrants and refuses to allow them entry. Period.

The UN Security Council held an urgent meeting on the crisis on the Polish-Belarusian border. The initiators were France, Ireland and Estonia. The meeting was held behind closed doors. What decisions were made is still unknown to the general public.

Last night, Belarus military used lasers and strobe lights to blind Polish Border Forces as seen in the video below:

Nearby, a group of about 100 migrants waited for the possibility of illegal border crossing.

Belarusians equipped foreigners with tear gas, which was used against the Polish Border services!

Police said on Twitter that 50 migrants had crossed the heavily guarded EU and NATO border near the village of Starzyna “by force” on Saturday.

They were all later detained, the border guard said, adding that they could see signs across the barbed wire on the Belarusian side of “a bigger attempt at crossing the border today.”

Poland is braced for major attack by ‘weaponized’ migrants from Belarus.

The Polish Border Force is expecting a major assault at the Belarusian border by armed migrants tonight.

They say Belarusian soldiers are arming and instructing migrants to attempt to cross into the EU state.

Attacks in two separate remote border locations yesterday saw hundreds of migrants manage to enter Poland

Polish Border Force guards say 77 were captured and deported but around 150 managed to escape.

Thousands of migrants from the Middle East are camped out on the EU-Belarus border, creating a stand-off between the EU and U.S. on one side and Belarus and its ally Russia on the other.

Western countries accuse Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko’s regime of engineering the crisis by encouraging migrants to come to Belarus and then taking them to the border.

Belarus denies the charges and blames the West.

“If someone thinks that Lukashenko or Belarusians will flinch, then this will not happen,” Lukashenko, referring to himself in the third person, said in an interview with a Russian defense journal released on Saturday.

In the video below, more migrants are now staging at the Poland Border and being equipped with more gear by Belarus authorities:

A LARGE ATTEMPT AT FORCED ENTRY INTO POLAND IS EXPECTED TONIGHT. The attack is believed to be planned for frontier at Kuznica, one of two main crossing points from Poland to Belarus. As seen in the image below, Poland Border Guards are on-post and waiting:

Source: halturnerradioshow.com

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