The Russian Ministry of Defense has issued an urgent bulletin saying “All civilians should leave Kyiv.”

They can do so by taking the highway towards Vasilkov, a city located 20km southwest of the capital, it said in a statement on Monday, claiming that “this direction is open and safe.”

The ministry added that Russia “only attacks military objects” and insisted that the civilian population will not be at risk if they are using this route. 

Looks as though the negotiations between Russia and Ukraine in Belarus are not going too well.

To date, the Russians have been very careful not to bomb civilian targets.  They have taken great losses of men in order to conduct their operations in this manner.  Apparently the cost has become too high, or the Ukrainians are too intransigent at negotiations, and the gloves are coming off.

For Russia to publicly announce All Civilians should leave Kiev” shows that heavy bombing of that city is actually coming.

Things are about to get very much worse. . . 

Source: halturnerradioshow.com

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