EXTRAORDINARY – USA: Americans to leave Russia – Evacuate with your own plan!

The Superpowers are at war!

The State Department has issued a statement calling on American citizens to leave Russia for fear of a major wave of terrorist attacks.

Officially, this is the excuse. Unofficially, there is a rapid escalation in the Russian-Ukrainian crisis.

This decision comes after the Security Council in the “war room” in the White House and has a direct relationship with Ukraine (the main photo of the article)

Most worryingly, the State Department is urging U.S. citizens in Russia to “have an evacuation plan with them and not rely on the US government.”

USA: “Leave Russia”

“There are threats of terrorist attacks on shopping malls, train stations, subway stations and other means of mobilization in large urban areas such as Moscow and St. Petersburg or in areas of high intensity along the border with Ukraine.

That is why we must:

  1. Follow the local and international media for information
  2. Avoid the crowds
  3. Notify your friends and family about your safety.
  4. Be aware of your environment.
  5. Stay alert in places frequented by tourists / Westerners.
  6. Check your personal security plans.
  7. Have your proper ID with you, including a US passport with a current Russian visa.
  8. Have evacuation plans that are not based on US government assistance.

We must emphasize that in the last five hours:

  • Austria has set up a “cabinet to manage the crisis in Ukraine” as it has stated that “the situation in Ukraine is deteriorating by the hour, unfortunately, and the ghost of war in Europe is real.
  • The Canadian Foreign Minister has canceled his trip to France and is returning to his country urgently.
  • Poland’s defense minister has announced military exercises with the United States along the border with Ukraine.
  • The M1097 Avenger anti-aircraft system with Stinger anti-aircraft missiles also arrived in Poland. It will probably be forwarded to Ukraine
  • Scandinavian Airlines SAS suspends flights to Ukraine until the 27th of the month
  • At the same time, the units of the Ministry of Interior of Belarus will be transferred to an enhanced duty regime from February 21.
  • Swiss Airlines also suspends flights to Ukraine.
  • Moldova has asked its citizens to leave Ukraine
  • The same goes for the Czech Republic and South Korea.

Source: warnews247.gr

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