Exceptionalism Sagging? American Penises Are Only 59th Biggest In World

American exceptionalism has led US citizens to believe they’re inherently different than the rest of the world. They presume they’re the best in everything, but this has proven not to be the case over time. The latest example is penis size. This might be traumatizing for some American males, but the US ranks near the bottom of the list in average penis size. 

According to The Sun, citing a new study, Americans have an average erect penis size of 5.35 inches and is shorter than their Ecuadorian, Haitians, French, Germany, Australian, Spanish, and even Indian counterparts. Not too far off from Japanese males at 5.34 inches. 

Online pharmacy From Mars developed a new poll from 86 nations and found the US ranked 59th. The largest were Ecuadorians, coming in at a staggering 6.93-inch average erect length. The smallest was Cambodians at just 3.95 inches. 

Pharmacist and spokesman Navin Khosla said, “most have wondered at some time or other if their penis is big enough.” 

“Penis size can have a massive impact on confidence and self-image,” Khosla said. 

With that in mind, Americans learning their penis size might not be the largest globally could be demoralizing. Being ranked so low on the list, only 1/5 of an inch larger than China’s average, is shocking. 

And it appears the term “big swinging dick,” popularized by the book Liar’s Poker, which describes Michael Lewis’ experience as a bond trader on Wall Street in the 1980s, isn’t the case for American males, but rather Ecuadorians. Who would’ve ever thought?

Source: Zero Hedge

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