DHS TERROR ALERT: You are a Terror Threat for: Opposing COVID-19 Measures; Saying Election was Stolen, and Celebrate Religious Holidays

The United States Department of Homeland Security issued a new Terror Threat on Friday. According to them, Opposing COVID-19 Measures, Claiming the November election was stolen, and/Or . . . celebrating “Religious Holidays” now makes YOU a Terror Threat.

The Friday, August 13 airing of NBC Nightly News with Lester Holt brought this information to us.  Reporter Pete Williams laid out the facts:

Fast Forward to 12:32 of the video for JUST THIS story.

So, there you have it.

If you oppose COVID-19 Measures, like masking and vaccines — none of which work — then YOU are now a “terror threat.”

If you think the November 2020 Election was stolen (it was) and/or that President Trump can be reinstated, then YOU are now a “terror threat.”

Finally, the Anniversary of 9-11 and . . . . RELIGIOUS HOLIDAYS . . .  are catalysts for terror.

Did you read that last one?  Religious Holidays.  Let that sink in a minute.  Here, look again:


They can’t even secure a border and call American anti mask people terrorist?

These statements are from a position of weakness and desperation, not strength; the government trying to be relevant, but failing.

So let’s put this in perspective.

The government agency founded after (and because of) 9/11, now fears you remembering 9/11?

And uses the propaganda media to drive the message home?

Are we in the real world anymore?

Citing election fraud from November, 2020 is now a terrorist threat?

Did they not see the windows being covered at the Ballot-counting center so observers COULD NOT SEE what was being done with the election ballots?  Here, look:

Right there, in Detroit, covering up the windows so people could NOT SEE what they were doing with the election ballots!   Yet if we say the election was fraud, WE are somehow terrorists?????  These types of overt fraud activities took place in over a dozen major US cities.  We watched it take place on live television.  The fraud was brazen . . . but somehow WE are terrorists for pointing out the truth?

These monsters at DHS are so full of shit, they need the biggest plunger in the world.

Oh, and that last one “Religious Holidays” . . .  so celebrating/observing religious holidays now makes one a terrorist?

Is it just certain religious holidays like Christmas, Easter, Good Friday…ie, Christian holidays?

Or is it just those who observe Passover, Yom Kippur, Purim, etc….

What about those who celebrate Kwanza and Ramadan?

Will there be any clarification as to which holidays are off limits for those who do not want to be classified as a terrorist?

Continuing to brainwash the sheep.

Christmas and Easter are terrorism!? Lol

Churches will be the next in line to be attacked.

Just think: it all started with a virus and a mask.

Source: halturnerradioshow.com

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