COVID, It’s ALL Theater! Crisis Actor Shows Her Contract – “Appear to Have Difficulty Breathing”

A female Crisis Actor in Germany/Austria shows that the ongoing COVID outbreak is nothing but theater.  She shows her Contract requiring her to “appear to have difficulty breathing.”

Yet she laughs, giggles, jumps around off camera, in a “hospital” setting wherein cameras are creating news that the COVID-19 Outbreak continues to worsen.

Here’s video:

This coincides with other video from the COVID outbreak showing a movie set, with cameras and “medical staff” appearing to urgently be dealing with more COVID-19 patients in a desperate situation, until the Director yells “cut.”

This video emerged last year, showing the fraud in progress:

STOP GETTING COVID TESTS if you are not sick.   The tests are mostly false positives because PCR was never intended to test for illnesses.

When they get a “positive” test result, they call it a “case” even if the person is not sick.  That gives false numbers for them to use to drum-up this topic and the false numbers will be never ending.

When they announce more “cases” (even though the people are not sick) they then use those case numbers to demand masks and social distancing, none of which work.

COVID is a self-fulfilling SCAM, and so are the so-called “vaccines.”  They just don’t work.  People who are “fully vaccinated” can still get sick and still spread the sickness to others.  What the hell good is the vaccine?


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