Covert Intel – Homeland Security: Vaccine Cards with Chip Coming to USA; Can’t even buy Gasoline without Vax

A source informs me as follows: The US Department of Homeland Security is working on a chip-equipped vaccine passport card for use by Americans for buying ANYTHING. 

It will be integrated into cash registers (like a credit card reader presently is) and in order for the register to even be able to ring up a sale, the card will have to be presented and inserted.  

In the words of one guy “you won’t even be able to buy gasoline without it.”

Moreover, the card will be updated with any vaccine Boosters they decide to require.  No booster means no update which is then classified as “unvaxxed.”

The assessment within the department of homeland security is that they won’t have any problems implementing this with the liberal left or the useful idiots.   As for what they called “The Trump Supporters” it is the assessment of Homeland Security that “there may be a few riots here and there, but in the end, the conservatives do nothing like they always do.  Yes, they bitch a lot amongst each other, but in the end, they do nothing.”

Further, Homeland Security used the theft of the November, 2020, election as justification for their view on the vax passport.   They are openly saying inside the Department of Homeland Security that “if the election was stolen for Biden, the Trump people did nothing.  If it were actually stolen, the Trump people would still be rioting to this day.  So the fact they aren’t shows that the conservatives are all talk and no action.  They will do as they’re told.”

The source played for me, a recording of  a conversation from a Homeland Security guy, that was obviously recorded clandestinely. I personally heard each and every word of the recording.

Among the other items contained in the recording was mention of an “App” for cell phones that would do the same thing as the chip-enabled card. 

It seems, based upon what I heard, that the intention within the U.S. government is to prevent citizens who decline the vaccine, from engaging in any commerce at all.  This would be a complete and total blockade against our being able to even exist in society!

A kinetic confrontation in defense of our personal liberty, now seems inevitable.


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10 Comments on “Covert Intel – Homeland Security: Vaccine Cards with Chip Coming to USA; Can’t even buy Gasoline without Vax

  1. IF I remember correctly..

    United States Credit Card Chips took Took an additional 4 years over European chips,

    I know this to be since I Travel.

  2. You know ways to pay back — just sit and think.
    What do they NOT want you to do?

  3. I have a vision of all these creeps in orange suits in a land far far away … a good image to hold! If we can get people enough to hold this image, it would materialise!!!!! … happy ending!!!! … beginning of a new era !!! 🤗

    1. You know what else we can do. Each of us un-vaxxed, will hire a gofer once a week to do all our chores under his/her name. Problem solved if you have the money!

  4. From Göebels playbook: Tell a big lie, repeat it often enough, and it becomes “truth”.
    While the paper ‘passport’ idea is enough to illicit recollections of “Vhare are your pa-appers??!” the article points out a fact about the elected conservative ‘leader’ doing nothing and therefore becoming complicit in this rubbish!
    #Votethemout #replacedonothingconservatives

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