COMING SOON: The First Arrest Will Shock The World…[Identity Revealed]

Remember how Q said “the first arrest will shock the world”?

It was back in 2019.

December 17, 2019 to be exact.

It was dropped by Q himself and it is one of the most famous “Q Drops” out there.

The first arrest will trigger a mass pop awakening.

It also confirms we’ll be at Marker 9, which is far along in the timeline.

Here are screenshots:

So now let’s talk about this for a minute…

I’ve published a lot on this topic in prior years.

People always think the first arrest to shock the world will be Hillary or Obama.

I’ve written on this in the past and made the argument that this wouldn’t shock anyone.

We all think those two are crocked as can be, so would it be “shocking”?

I don’t know.

One that I thought would be shocking would be Bush Sr. or Bush Jr., now that would shock both sides of the aisle.

But now it is looking pretty clear like it will not be Bush 43, Obama or Clinton.

No, stay with me on this but I always give you the truth and I don’t sugar coat it.

It looks pretty clear to me like the first arrest will be Trump himself.

Oh, it’s won’t be VALID or LEGAL, but it will be their last ditch effort to stop him.

It WILL shock the world.

And what did Q tell us?

It will trigger a mass populous awakening.

What did we see this week?

We saw a lawless FBI raid of Mar-A-Lago that is flipping even Deep-Blue Dems to red-pills.

So what happens when they go a step further and illegally arrest Donald Trump over (planted?) evidence.


You see that’s my theory.

We all know the raid wasn’t designed to retrieve any documents.

Please don’t insult my intelligence with that.


It was either designed to look for the Nuclear Football that I wonder if DJT still has or it was designed to get in and plant evidence.

I wrote about it a couple days ago, and it’s proving to be more accurate and likely as each day goes on.

Here’s what I posted a couple days ago:

All the prophets have been talking about this.

They all say one final “bad stretch” is coming.

They all say it will look really bad and like all is lost.

And then it will flip in an instant.

In a 24 hour period.

We haven’t had that final wash out yet, but it appears we’re very close.

You always have to go through the night to make it to morning and I think Q-Drop 3716 is about to play out before your very eyes.

How did Q possibly know all of this?

Was it predicted?

Or was it all planned and the White Hats are carefully guiding the plan?

Or is Q a time traveller?

But it’s not just me saying it anymore.

Two days ago it was just my theory.

Now today even Mike Adams the HealthRanger is now warning of the incoming arrest and indictment:

AMTV also just went live with this:

What do you think?

Will Trump be arrested?

Will this be the final “Storm” before the victory?

Oh, and two last things…

Don’t forget Q also predicted Trump would be banned from Twitter long before it happened.


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3 Comments on “COMING SOON: The First Arrest Will Shock The World…[Identity Revealed]

  1. Knowing all this, then why not start it first and not wait for the Chinese? Why not get these bastards before this plan is started?
    How come we always have to re-act, to what happening instead of acting?
    We need some commanders like in the military to make plans and commit!
    What the hell are we waiting for???????????
    Dont forget all this is in the “IF” category!

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