Citizens of Mariupol Given 24 Hours to Evacuate via “Safe Corridors” Before Russia Offensive Begins

Notices have been put out by military forces outside Mariupol, Ukraine, informing frightened citizens they have 24 hours to use one of two humanitarian corridors to evacuate the city.  They will not be fired upon using those routes.   The notices read as follows:


Residents of the city of MARIUPOL and adjacent settlements!

Nothing threatens you, but in the current situation, when, under the leadership of the special services of Ukraine, units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and the NGU are preparing terrorist attacks and provocations in order to discredit the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation in the eyes of the world community, many of you fear for your life.

For all civilians who have expressed a desire to temporarily leave for a safe place.

The Armed Forces of the Russian Federation, together with the UNM of the DPR, are organizing two humanitarian corridors.

MARIUPOL can be left until March 2, 2022 using one of two routes convenient for you.

We guarantee the safety of movement on the sections of the E58 highway, in directions both towards the Zaporozhye region and the territory of the Russian Federation:
in the western direction: MARIUPOL – MANGUSH.

in the east direction: MARIUPOL – BEZIMENNOE.

I draw your attention to the fact that the Russian Federation is ready to receive and accommodate citizens of the city of MARIUPOL.”


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