Chinese rocket lands on Earth – Watch live

His remains will fall by Sunday

The Chinese rocket, which was launched last week, is expected to fall to pieces on Earth late tonight or early tomorrow, Sunday.

This was announced by a US-funded US space research and development center.

The fear that some of the remains will not burn and evaporate into the atmosphere and fall into residential areas is great.

The Chinese Foreign Ministry announced yesterday, Friday, that most of the rocket wreckage will burn when they return to the atmosphere and it is very unlikely to cause any damage.

But the truth is that on a planet of 8 billion people where even deserts and glaciers are now inhabited, it is very difficult to impossible to predict such a thing.

Earlier, the US military announced that the US Space Administration was monitoring what it called the uncontrolled re-entry of the Chinese rocket into the Earth’s atmosphere.

China launched the first element of its space station on April 29 with the help of a Large Course 5B rocket – the most powerful and imposing Chinese rocket.

The first floor of this rocket, which is currently in orbit, is about to return to Earth. It gradually loses height and the point of impact of its fall is currently difficult to predict.

Watch live the course of Long March 5b

According to the latest estimates of the US Department of Defense, its re-entry into the atmosphere is expected to happen around 02:00 (Greek time) on Sunday, as reported by hellasjournal

But the predicted one has a significant margin of error nine hours earlier or later. This margin is expected to gradually decrease as the rocket approaches.

However, in a message posted last night (local time) in the United States, the US-funded space research and development center Aerospace Corporation announced that its last forecast for the re-entry of the Chinese rocket into the atmosphere is at 07:19 ( Greek time) on Sunday, with an error margin of eight hours earlier or later.

According to the latest source, the point where the rocket will re-enter the atmosphere is near the North Island of New Zealand.

However, it is pointed out that its entrance can take place anywhere along routes that cover large parts of the planet.


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