China’s “J-20” Stealth Fighter Jet: I’ve Never Seen American Planes Do These Things!

At an air show in China Saturday, the Chinese Air Force displayed their J-20 Stealth Fighter Jet capabilities. I’ve never seen an American fighter Jet be able to do some of these maneuvers! Utterly amazing.

Video below . . .

I certainly have seen U.S. fighter jets be able to vertically “hover” with their nose pointed straight up, but I have never seen the reversal of direction in flight that these Chinese jets perform.  It shocked me as to the skill of the pilots, AND as to the maneuverability of the jets.

I kept waiting to see one of them just fall out of the sky with the maneuvers they were doing, but that didn’t happen.

Maybe we’ve been out-classed by China?????

Maybe we shouldn’t be picking a fight with them over Taiwan?

Maybe we’re not as good as we think we are?


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3 Comments on “China’s “J-20” Stealth Fighter Jet: I’ve Never Seen American Planes Do These Things!

  1. That’s not any sort of combat efficient type of maneuver. It’s fun areal acrobatics that a byplane can perform too. I’d like to see how far out it can engage enemy targets and how well it can navigate off of instrumentation is zero visibility landing on a carrier. Then I’ll be impressed.

  2. I Spoke with a pilot friend of mine who flew F16s. He said these are not the actual J-20 fighters but large RC controlled jets that are far lighter thus requiring much less thrust to remain in flight. Someone is playing cheap tricks to try to fool people.

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