Chicago Rapper Charleston White Pulls A Gun On Interviewer, Threatens To Shoot Him Because He Didn’t Like His Questions

Charleston White is known for his controversial interviews. His antics reached new heights during his sit down with Chicago’s DJ U Go Crazy. In the interview, White continued to diss late Chi-Town rappers King Von and FBG Duck.

Things took a turn when DJ U chimed in to check White on his raw commentary about the slain rappers.

But the Youtube comedian wasn’t pleased. White pulled a gun on the host while asking for his money back.

“B*tch, give me back the money then, h*e, Charleston yelled. “I ain’t have to help not one of you. My momma ain’t gotta bunch of kids that died. B*tch, I hope y’all h*es bury y’all babies. F**k y’all pain, b*tch. Give me back my godd*amn money, h*e. Or suck my d*ck b*tch.”

NSFW, you don’t want to play this at your Thanksgiving table… or maybe you do lol.


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