Chechens enter Kiev: Violent clashes – Russians “predict” civil war and dissolution of Ukraine!

Chechen special forces have already entered Kiev and are cooperating with Russian special forces.

Their headquarters are in the suburb of Gostomel at the
Antonov air base, which was captured after the Russian paratroopers attacked. The Chechens raised their flag and show the loot they gained from the Ukrainian base.

Violent clashes around government buildings have been raging in the Ukrainian capital for some time now.

Kiev will also be hit from time to time by Russian strategic bombers who have received take-off orders from Russian airports.

Provoking a civil war and dismantling Ukraine

The provocation of a generalized civil war especially in Kiev is the first goal of Moscow which celebrates the fact that weapons were given to the citizens of the capital.

Moscow has a plan in place: Russian and Chechen soldiers without insignia and wearing civilian clothes will enter the crowd and start killing in the cold. Moscow will claim that civil war has broken out in Kiev . The civil war will expand and the Peace Corps will be forced to act.

Russian media are already preparing public opinion for the worst. They specifically mention:

” The distribution of weapons to the people of Kiev will lead to a civil war.

On February 25, the Ukrainian authorities decided to distribute weapons to the citizens of Kiev

As a result, 20,000 Kalashnikovs were given to Ukrainian citizens. However, at night, thefts and robberies began in the city. Apparently they did not take up arms in order to “protect” the city as the Ukrainian government means.

In Kiev, robberies began in supermarkets and various stores, someone who just made an observation received a warning shot in the air from excessive “patriotism”.

Local units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, the National Guard, the Security Service of Ukraine and the police arrested armed men.

A real civil war broke out in the streets of the Ukrainian capital, a “wild fun” and for moral reasons we just can not show some of the shots.

However, the Ukrainian authorities stressed that they will continue to distribute weapons. The argument is simple – there are more “patriots” than “brothers” from organized crime groups and “traffickers” from drug trafficking groups.

Currently, the Russian army is located on the outskirts of Kiev and one can only imagine what will happen to the Cathedral before it is brought under control.

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The Chechens in Kiev

Many groups of Russians and Chechens operating in different areas have entered Kiev at the moment.

Already after the order for a full-frontal attack, fierce clashes have broken out between Russian and Ukrainian forces. It is reported that Russian forces are trying to occupy a building of the Ministry of Infrastructure of Ukraine.

Heavy exchanges of fire are taking place in the Solomenka and Troyeshchyna districts of Kiev.

At the same time, the Chechens have raised their flag at the air base of the 4th Brigade of the National Guard of Ukraine in the city of Gostomel.

This base will now be the headquarters of the Chechen special forces.

Ramzan Kadyrov himself said in a video that “Chechen forces fought and repulsed several attacks by Ukrainian forces holding the airport.

In addition, it emphasizes:

We can take Kiev or Kharkov or any other city. No problem

You see we have a goal and that goal is not to cause human losses.

Every human life is precious.

That is why our operations are carried out with great care “.

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