Breaking News: Who Will Be Removed? – Sen. Ted Cruz Must Video

That bill is one of the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard.

Glad to see Mr. Cruz standing up for what’s right and what is common sense honestly.


I am amazed that this level of evil and corruption is permitted, and that every representative that votes for it is not put in prison.



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2 Comments on “Breaking News: Who Will Be Removed? – Sen. Ted Cruz Must Video

  1. Stolen elections have consequences and this is what you will have when the DemoRATic party is in charge.

  2. Are Republicans (rich corporate pro police state) afraid of Democracy?

    Since when is voting…….a threat?

    Answer: The one per cent, and those who protect them while sucking off the Gov entitlements for police state actors…………hate the poor, the middle class, and citizens sick of Commie control with elite hypocrisy.

    That’s why Cruz…..opposes voting and Democracy.

    There’s more of us……then they could possibly jail or track.

    Cruz talked about “corrupt politicians”? Aren’t they all self interested while following The NWO agenda that effectively destroys American power?

    There are no heroes in Congress.

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