Big Mouth Vax Advocate DEAD after Second COVID Jab

A seemingly obsessed pro-vaccine big mouth from California, who belittled those who warned the COVID Vax is dangerous, has DIED after getting his “jabs.”

Greg Block had a lot to say over the past few months about people opposed to the vaccine.  He proudly displayed his Vax Record from CDC (the little card) showing he got his first dose on March 16.

Later he proudly reported he got his second shot on April 6.

Using his social media account, he referred to the un-vax’d as “a small group of people – who think THEY are being oppressed – are keeping the rest of the country from getting back to normal.  So dangerous.  So selfish.  So un-American.”

Apparently, it never occurred to this dullard that you cannot rationally conclude that YOUR medicine is not working because OTHER PEOPLE didn’t take it.

There is no sense to such a  claim, but he made it anyway.

He even went so far as to say children should be taken away from parents for being un vax’d and sent to school.

Later, on August 21, he revealed his utterly moronic and Communistic thinking when he told his social media audience people should take the vax “for the greater good.” 

Ahhhhh, yes.  The greater good.    

On November 7, one of his social media pals gave us all the punch line: Greg Block is dead.

Eight months after getting the jabs, the otherwise healthy, early middle-aged man, dropped dead.

Real genius, this one.   Not only didn’t he listen to the warnings about the experimental COVID gene therapy, masquerading as a “vaccine” but he pushed it on others, belittled those who saw these things as dangerous, and advocated taking parents children away for beign un-vax’d.

And now HE . . . . is dead.

Way to go, bigmouth.


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