Biden exposes his dementia to the world

The week of the autumnal equinox in New York City is Gridlock Week because of all the nonstop, non-moving traffic jams caused by the opening of the United Nations General Assembly.  American presidents have long given speeches there during opening week, and this year was no exception when President Biden dropped in to show the entire world what we have long known inside the United States — that he is suffering from dementia and diminishing mental capacity. 

New York’s clogged traffic woes reflect the mental state of New York’s and America’s president.

Biden cannot function without either a teleprompter or pre-printed cheat sheets, which tell him how to meet and greet his peers. 

As Andrea Widburg noted, Biden cannot even so much as say “hello” to Boris Johnson without reading it first from his cheat sheet.

This was likewise evident the day before when Biden met with the U.N. secretary-general.  Biden had a televised meet ‘n’ greet session with the secretary-general during which he only spoke for about two minutes on general themes, and couldn’t get through it without his cheat sheets.  Naturally, the secretary-general, being of sound mind and reasonably lucid, needed no such notes at all to make his own reply.

Biden made an incredible claim about climate change.

0:41 — … And dealing with the gravest threat to humanity we’ve ever seen which is the whole climate crisis we’re gonna we’re un we’re undergoing that can only be met with global solutions …

The remark is so stupid that it is actually obscene.  “Climate change” is supposedly a greater threat than Nazism. Or Genghis Khan.  Or the Black Death of 1350, which killed off half the world.  The climate crisis of 536–540 when a volcanic eruption in the East Indies caused a global nuclear winter with mass famine and disease, that’s not sufficient for what Biden claims now, either.

It only went downhill from there the following day, when Biden literally addressed the world assembled at the opening meeting of the General Assembly, figuratively pulling down his own pants and exposing his shortcomings to all nations.

Before Biden got to the ultimate, killer Bidenism, as the master funnyman that he is, he warmed up the world with these choice Bidenisms:

8:21 — … To finance global health security, that builds on our existing development assistance, and global health tre — es an and and the global health threat kownkill — council, that is armed …

16:31 — … But we’re not seeking — say it again, we are not seeking a new coal war …

This isn’t the first time BiteMe has made this Bidenism.  On August 12, BiteMe made a reference to a “coal reality.” 

17:02 — …To address the urgent threats, like COVID 19, and climate change, or enduring threats, like nuclear poliferation …

It’s not the first time he mangled that word, either.  He then proceeded to outdo himself.

17:12 — … The United States remains committed, to perventing the right to preventing Iran, from graining a nuclear weapon …

18:13 — … We know the bitter string of terrorism.  The bitter sting of terrorism is is real…we’ve momost all experienced it …

24:40 — … We cannot give up on solving, raging, civil conflicts including in Ethiopia and Yemen, where fighting between war warring parties, is driving famine, heroic, horrific violence, human rights vilalations against civilians …

The clip from which I culled the Bidenisms above ran out, and I had to find the conclusion of the speech here.  The time footage indicated from this point is from the second clip.

BiteMe came up with this beauty of a Bidenism:

26:08 — … And a belief in the u-universal rights of all people.  It’s stamped into the DNA of our nation, and, critically, it’s stamped into the DNA of this institution (meaning, of course, the United Nations) …

Biden should have quit at this point, while he was still behind since it was already clear he was talking about the U.N.  But then — drum roll, please — Biden tried to gild this lily, to make his good compliment about the U.N. even gooder, to make sure the U.N. understood he was talking about this institution, the U.N. itself — but amazingly Biden said…

…”the United States” (!).

Bada-bing!  Way to go, Brainless One!  Make sure you place your dementia on stage literally for the entire world to see!

Source: American Thinker

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