Bad development: Israel prepares mass evacuation of 75,000 Jews from Eastern Ukraine! – British-Australians leave

Shocking news comes from Israel as the country’s government prepares for the mass evacuation of 75,000 Jews from Eastern Ukraine!

Israel probably – and because of its good relations with Moscow – has information about a large-scale Russian attack on the whole of eastern Ukraine.

Israel evacuates eastern Ukraine

Israel is reportedly updating plans to evacuate Jews from Ukraine.

An estimated 75,000 Jews claiming Israeli citizenship live in eastern Ukraine. It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post.

That is why a meeting was held on Sunday to decide on the air bridge for Israeli nationals to leave Ukraine.

The meeting was attended by officials from various Israeli agencies, such as the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Ministry of Defense, the Ministry of Diaspora, the Prime Minister’s Office and the Jewish Agency.

The meeting was also attended by Nativ, which maintains strong ties between Israel and Jews in the countries of the former USSR.

According to Israeli media “if the war breaks out we will have the largest evacuation of Jews in decades”!

Ukraine: Britain, Japan and Australia withdraw staff 

At the same time, the United Kingdom began withdrawing its staff from the British embassy in Kiev as tensions between Ukraine and Russia escalated.

Sources in the British Foreign Office told the BBC that the move was made for the safety of diplomats as the risk of Russian invasion of Ukraine has increased.

According to information, Australia and Japan recently ordered the removal, while it is noteworthy that Austria-Netherlands and Switzerland will remove their aircraft from  Boryspil International Airport tonight.

State Department warns again

The US embassy in Belarus also issued a travel directive warning US citizens of “unusual military activity on the border with Ukraine”.

The State Department issued a new statement asking U.S. citizens to fill out a form so they can be identified if they need to stay in Ukraine.

He also noted that:

“There will be no military evacuation of American citizens if Russia invades Ukraine.

As President Biden has said, Russia could invade at any time, the United States will not be able to evacuate American citizens.

You have to act accordingly and leave on commercial flights.”


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