Alec Baldwin Rushes At Reporter With His Umbrella In Viral Video Outside Woody Allen’s Home – Americans React Hilariously

An umbrella-wielding Alec Baldwin was filmed rushing towards a reporter who confronted him outside Woody Allen’s Manhattan townhouse.

Baldwin launched at New York Post journalist Jon Levine, but did not make contact with him, while being confronted over his latest claims about his fatal shooting of a cinematographer on his western. Levine grilled Alec about claims made in his first sit-down interview since he accidentally killed Halyna Hutchins.

That saw Baldwin claim that he didn’t pull the trigger and fire the shot that killed Hutchins, despite cops saying he did so.

The encounter, filmed outside Allen’s Upper East Side home Monday night, began with 63-year-old Baldwin’s wife Hilaria, 37, scolding the reporter while brandishing her phone’s camera and apparently filming him.

‘Mr. Baldwin, I have to ask you, what brings you to New York City,’ asked New York Post journalist Jon Levine, sidestepping Baldwin’s wife to film the actor waiting at the ornate entranceway of Allen’s home.

‘I asked you to leave,’ Hilaria snapped.

When Levine asked who lived at the property, peering around the other side of the actor’s wife as she asked him again to ‘please go away,’ Baldwin turned on his heels and sprang toward the reporter.

Hilaria held her husband back as he repeated the statement, before the ’30 Rock’ star turned back toward the door.

“This is not… this is public property,” Levine responded after regaining his composure. “Go away, stop it,” Hilaria said as an unidentified individual in a white dress shirt and tie opened the door to Allen’s home and Baldwin stepped inside, gesturing for his wife to join him. “Did you really not pull the trigger? Do you believe it went off without you pulling the trigger? Was it a malfunction?” Levine continued asking as the door closed behind the Baldwins.

Video below:

The reporter was grilling the actor about comments he made in his first sit-down interview with ABC’s George Stephanopoulos since the death of Halyna Hutchins on the set of the movie ‘Rust’. Baldwin raised eyebrows during the interview as he claimed he didn’t pull the trigger and fire the shot that claimed Hutchins’ life, contrary to what the authorities have said.

Video of the encounter quickly went viral as the actor was mocked on social media. “Alec Baldwin does not argue that he did not cock a loaded gun; he argues that he “didn’t pull the trigger” of a machine that can only fire if it’s being manipulated by a thinking and responsible (or irresponsible) human being. He. Is. That. Human. Being. And. She’s. Still. Dead,” one tweeted.

“Alec Baldwin looks like he’s ready to go in his house and grab a pistol and kill reporters saying that he didn’t pull the trigger because he knows the lib media has his back,” another wrote. “Alec Baldwin didn’t pull the trigger in much the same way that Bill Clinton ‘did not have sex with that woman’,” a comment read.

“Alec Baldwin defense strategy: If Alec is a method actor, bear with me…he could say that he was “in character” and therefore he…Alec did not pull the trigger but his character did,” someone else offered.

Last Thursday, Baldwin tearfully maintained that he didn’t pull the trigger and that the gun just ‘went off’ while in his hands on the set of the movie in New Mexico on October 21, killing Hutchins and injuring director Joel Souza.

‘I let go of the hammer, bang. The gun goes off. Everyone is horrified. They’re shocked. It’s loud,’ he said in an interview with ABC.

‘Someone is responsible for what happened, and I can’t say who it is, but it’s not me.’

Who was it than Mr. Baldwin?


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