A travesty of Soros justice in New York

For all the bloviating in Congress these days on the January 6 “assault on democracy,” the exact same logic can be applied with teeth to the attempted assassination of sitting congressman Lee Zeldin, who is running for governor of New York.

Instead of locking the thug up immediately as a danger to the community — the attack, after all, very much resembled in form the actual assassion Japan’s former prime minister, Shinzo Abe on July 8, which was a big public event with a campaigning speaker addressing the public within touching distance — the New York state prosecutors let the maniac out on his “own recognizance” with fingers crossed that he will show up for his court date. Lowlife who perform these media-genic acts for the cameras very frequently are copycatting the last monster who got away with it, studies show, and that’s what this case looks like from this distance.

Yet unlike Abe’s attacker, who was taken to prison immediately and will probably be executed for his crime in less than 25 years, this freak was let out by New York state officials. 

A politically motivated attacker, armed with a not-so-obvious-to-security-guards two-pronged hand-dagger designed to slice, puncture, and pierce, somehow got let out based on New York’s execrable no-bail laws, leaving him free to try again. The Sorosian “logic” of the no-bail law is that since he didn’t kill Zeldin, it was a non-violent crime. Pay no attention to the fact that the freak, David Jakubonis, aimed for Zeldin’s neck, which risked cutting a carotid artery, which was attempted murder, and then yelled about veterans affairs, signaling political motivation, which is a classic assassination attempt. Even by their own assault logic, Jakubonis certainly made violent contact with Zeldin, and Zeldin endured minor injuries in the scuffle as he was knocked down. That’s assault by anyone’s definition, not “attempted assault,” but real assault, but such details, when they happen to Republicans, are unimportant to New York state officials drunk on Sorosism.

Yes, people should be outraged. Yes, that’s a potentially fatal attack on a political figure and yes, that can be called an “assault on democracy” in a way the vindictive jailing of Steve Bannon or any of the poor schmoes still locked up for being in the Capitol on January 6 cannot. There was enough outrage for the feds to step in on Saturday and scoop the freak up and take him to jail, which should have been done on the spot after the outrageous attack.

This whole specter makes a global laughingstock of New York justice, and more disturbingly, gives other would-be assassins ideas. Imagine what some of Iran’s professional killers in the Revolutionary Guard, or some of the wretched remnants of ISIS are thinking as they watch this farce of justice in New York. The United Nations, of course, attracts a lot of world leaders and don’t think they aren’t thinking of such things.

It’s appalling. It’s not just Abe’s assassination that is telegraphing the message to sickos to go for it and get lots of television publicity, same way spray shooters do. It’s that a lot of political assassination attempts have been happening, most of which target Republicans. There was the scumsucker who was caught attempting to assassinate Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh just a few weeks ago. There was the Bernie Bro who fired on and nearly killed leading Republican Congressman Steve Scalise and injured others. There were reports of foiled assassination plots on President Trump just this month. After a long period of no assassination since the last attempts on President Gerald Ford, assassination attempts are now proliferating.

Joe Biden waited 18 hours before condemning the obvious political violence, and Congress has been largely silent. But something bad is going on and the Soros no-cash-bail laws are enabling it. As Andy McCarthy noted in his excellent column here, the only way to stop is to elect Zeldin governor. If that’s important to New Yorkers, they will. If they don’t, they won’t like the result.

Source: American Thinker

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1 Comment on “A travesty of Soros justice in New York

  1. A: What a moronic way for the left to make their point. Now he is dead set on getting cashless bail repealed. Bravo lefties

    B: Maybe you are not aware. On Saturday while this man was eating lunch, believing he is safe from incarceration, the FEDS zoomed up on his apartment building and took him into custody. He is now charged FEDERALLY and is in PRISON awaiting a hearing on Tuesday I believe.

    Apparently dumb ass was not aware that attacking a member of congress is a federal crime. So GS f/u!

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