300,000 Russians Under Arms With Nukes Ready To Use.

300,000 Russians Under Arms With Nukes Ready To Use: Vladimir Putin Declares Partial Conscription In Russia.

The president of Russia, Vladimir Putin, announced a short time ago a partial mobilization in Russia, completely confirming WarNews247 for what he had been writing for months. Conscription had been in immediate Russian plans for 4 months after the tragic mistakes made in the initial planning of the Russian operation.

Clarifying Putin’s announcement, Russia’s Defense Minister, Sergei Shoigu, said that the conscription concerns “only those with previous military experience”, referring to a number of around 300,000 reservists. As he noted, partial conscription does not concern conscripts or students of military academies.

At the same time, in his speech, B. Putin made a clear allusion to the use of nuclear weapons as, as WarNews247 noted yesterday, the “special military operation” is coming to an end. Now any attack by the Ukrainians against Russian territory can be repelled by the use of tactical nuclear weapons.

“The West has crossed all lines.” “People in historic Novorossiya do not want to live under a neo-Nazi regime.”

“If its territorial integrity is threatened, Russia will use all means at its disposal. This is not a bluff,” stressed B. Putin.

“I emphasize that this is a partial mobilization. Only those in reserve will be drafted,” the Russian president clarified.

Partial recruitment will begin today, he clarified. “I will emphasize that Russian citizens called up as part of the conscription will have all the privileges of those who serve under contract,” he stressed.

During his speech, he ordered the equalization of the legal status of volunteers in the occupied territories of Ukraine with regular military personnel of the Russian Federation, which is essentially an absorption of Russian speakers into the Russian armed forces.

He talked about neo-Nazis in Ukraine and claimed that NATO is conducting reconnaissance throughout southern Russia through its secret services. “The West does not want peace between Ukraine and Russia,” Mr Putin said.

The Russian president has announced that the Russian government will increase funds for weapons production.


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